Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)

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CFC Summary

CFC Our CFC number is…

–> #18928

Because it’s what we do, find us listed under the name of…

–> Animal Slaughter and Child Starvation Stop Here

Because of our dual mission, find us in the section…

–> Animal Charities

CFC Details

A Well-Fed World is an official member of the Combined Federal Campaign… CFC #18928.

We participate in the CFC through the Independent Charities of America as part of their Animal Charities.

View our official profile (under our CFC name Animal Slaughter and Child Starvation Stop Here).

The CFC is a payroll program in which federal employees choose charities to support. Donations are automatically withdrawn from paychecks, combined, and deposited in lump sums to recipient organizations. It’s an easy way to donate (for us and you).

As an official CFC approved member, we go through a rigorous screening process and receive a full, third-party audit every year (in addition to the standard 990 requirements).

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