Plants-4-Hunger (Gift-Giving)

Help People AND Animals!

Plants-4-Hunger logoPlants-4-Hunger is our campaign that feeds people without using animals.

Instead of using a “gift-pig” as food from a group like Heifer International, your gift will support on-the-ground, animal-free hunger relief projects. Our four hand-picked programs are detailed below.

We send 100% of the year’s donations to these groups that provide both immediate assistance and long-term solutions.

10 Reasons to Say NO to Farm Animals as “Gifts”

How it Works

Below are the four projects that will equally split your doubled gift-donation.

When donating, choose “Tribute – In Honor Of” and “Plants-4-Hunger” in the program drop-down menu. You may also just leave a note in the comment field or e-mail

We will mail a personalized card and our info booklet to your recipient if an address is provided.



Click the banner on the left to donate by credit card, or click the donate button below for PayPal.


School Lunch Program – Ethiopia

IFA-school-lunch-program-2014International Fund for Africa provides immediate and long-term assistance to some of the world’s most vulnerable children through their new innovative and multi-prong School Health and Nutrition Program.

In addition to funding local staff and equipment, the program builds income-generating bakeries and produce gardens that will sustain them indefinitely.

In each school, nearly one hundred of the children who are in the most dire need receive a daily meal, health monitoring, and vaccinations.

Soy Nutrition – Guatemala

Plenty - GuatemalaPlenty International works with agricultural experts to grow and distribute three varieties of non-GMO soybeans to farming families.

Their Karen’s Nutrition Program works with women to improve the nutrition of undernourished children living in extreme poverty at the Guatemala City landfill.

Local women’s groups produce enough fortified bakery foods and soy milk to distribute to 400 children living at the dump site and to sell for other expenses.

Vegan Feeding Program – India

Vegan feeding program - India

VSPCA helps people too. Their Vegan Meals for the Poor program provides wholesome meals that are packed in palm leaves and delivered to the poorest of the poor.

The food is a variety of lentil, a vegetable curry, a piece of fruit, and a sachet of drinking water.

The selected days are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, as these are the days that recipients do not receive food assistance from any other program. The pilot project served 40 people. Your gift helps Vegan Meals for the Poor expand their reach.

Community Food Gardens – USA

Vegan feeding program - India

Grow Where You Are is a team of veganic farmers and food justice activists empowering individuals and families to improve their personal food security by planting backyard and community food gardens. These gardens drastically increase families’ access to fresh fruits and vegetables in urban food deserts.

Grow Where You Are and MaituFoods also provide food to the community by partnering with land-owning churches to install and manage organic micro-farms on community land that would otherwise sit unused in struggling neighborhoods.


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