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Nassim Nobari
Nassim Nobari is the Co-founder and Director of Seed the Commons. As a long-time social justice activist, she sees the transformation of our food systems as key to achieving a more just world. Her unique programs help build the food movement while promoting animal liberation instead of farming systems based on animal exploitation. Nassim holds a Masters in social psychology and is fascinated by the ways in which social norms are maintained and transformed. She has been studying the global spread of dairy consumption as an example of dominant groups shaping dietary norms. For more of her writing, visit her blog.

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dairy globalization

Milking the Loss of Local Food

Through a variety of mechanisms, globalization and corporatization of food systems have led to a drastic shift in dietary habits, characterized by an increased consumption of both highly processed foods and animal foods, and a decreased consumption of nutrient-dense plant foods. This leads to the “double burden” affecting an increasing number of countries in the Global South: malnutrition and obes... »

Milk, Food Aid and the Narrative of Lack

This post by guest contributor Nassim Nobari is the first in a series exploring the assumptions, as well as the cultural, economic and health implications, of distributing milk and other dairy products as food aid in communities where dairy is not traditionally consumed. »