Support Farm Sanctuaries Rescuing Florence Survivors

Support Farm Sanctuaries Rescuing Florence Survivors

We’re Matching Donations Up to $25,000

A Well-Fed World is raising emergency funds to assist farm sanctuaries who are taking in hurricane survivors and/or who have been impacted by the storm.

In addition to distributing 100% of hurricane-related funding, A Well-Fed World is matching donations up to $25,000, so the impact of your donation to help animals will be DOUBLED. Donate here.

Meet Some of the Rescues

North Carolina is the second largest pig and chicken meat producer in the U.S., with tens of millions of these animals concentrated in a handful of counties that were devastated by Hurricane Florence flooding. The earliest confirmed death toll for chickens is already at 3.4 million, and more than 5,500 pigs have died, with those numbers projected to easily double.

Animal search and rescue teams have been on the ground for nearly 3 weeks looking for companion and farmed animal survivors who were not evacuated. As the floodwaters recede, sightings of pigs who survived the flooding continue to be reported, and rescuers have received permission from animal control to attempt to retrieve these animals and place them with sanctuaries. Below is Champ, rescued just four days ago after a group of pigs was reported having washed up in one of the flood zones. Rescuers continue to try to capture the other pigs.

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue’s rapid response team is out in the floodwaters rescuing cats, dogs, pigs, chickens, and wildlife in need.

Trew Love Rescue & Sanctuary

Petunia was rescued from a flooding CAFO where she was found near death’s door. Flesh-eating bacteria had caused the ends of her ears to become necrotic, and she couldn’t walk from a back injury, but now she is joyfully running around Trew Love Rescue & Sanctuary and is on the mend at her new forever home.

Ziggy’s Refuge Farm Sanctuary

Flo and Jax both escaped from flooded factory farms where they lived confined in warehouses. When search and rescue teams discovered them, separately, both were sick, wounded and traumatized. They are still receiving medical care but have bonded profoundly and will now live safe from harm at Ziggy’s Refuge Farm Sanctuary.

Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue

Chicken Rescue

At least 75 “broiler” chickens (chickens raised for meat)  were saved from post-Florence flooding through the combined efforts of multiple rescuers. The birds are receiving veterinary treatment and quarantine, and will then be rehomed to partner sanctuaries.

“Broiler” chickens rescued from a flooding CAFO, experiencing the outdoors and a forest (the natural habitat of chickens) for the first time.


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Please share our fundraiser and ask your friends and family to support it! Each of these rescues is incredibly costly, with survivors requiring extensive veterinary treatment for injuries, infections, and visual damage incurred after being submerged in septic floodwaters, as well as food, space for quarantine (which often requires new fencing or other infrastructure), and in some cases new barns.

Funds raised will also go to sanctuaries damaged by the storm and in need of repairs, and to sanctuaries forced to evacuate their animals, to help with animal transport and housing costs.

You can share our Facebook fundraiser meme; consider adding a donate button to turn your post into a personal fundraiser!