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 Eating Green

Brighter Green

Johns Hopkins – (CLF) Eating for the Future

Center for Science in the Public Interest (Eating Green)

Center for Food Safety – Cool Foods Campaign

Small Planet Institute

Global Warming & Farmed Animals

Food Climate Research Network

Center for Food Safety – Cool Foods Campaign

EarthSave International

Earth Policy Institute

Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Country

SustainWeb – Climate Change

World Wild Life Fund – One Planet Campaign

Peak Oil / Energy

Community Solutions

The Great Change

The Oil Drum – Peak Oil

Local Future – Energy Conferences

100-Mile Diet

Plant-Based Hunger Solutions

Food For Life Global

International Fund for Africa

Food Empowerment Project

Plenty International

Plant-Based Health

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine – Dr. Neal Barnard

Eat Right America – Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Plant-Based Nutrition – Dr. T. Colin Campbell

Health and Medical Center – Dr. John McDougall

Institute of Nutrition Education and Research – Dr. Michael Klaper

USDA – My Plate – Vegetarian

Vegetarian Resource Group

CAFOs / Factory Farming

Food and Water Watch

Sierra Club – True Cost of Food

Center For Food Safety

Union of Concerned Scientists

Farm Sanctuary’s Factory Farming

Vegan Outreach – Factory Farms

Slaughter & Transport

Animals’ Angels Live Transport

UPC – Live Transport

FAUN – Live Transport

Vegan Outreach – Slaughter

Meet Your Meat

‘Humane’ Method Skeptics

Humane Facts

Humane Myth

Farm Kind

Free From Harm

The Ultimate Betrayal

Veganic Farming & Ecovillages

Vegan Organic Network

Grow Where You Are

The Farm Ecovillage Training Center

Little Artshram Art Farm

Veg Starter Info (online)

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (en Espanol)

Choose Veg (Mercy For Animals)

Try Veg (Compassion Over Killing)

The Compassionate Cook, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

Make the Switch

Veg Starter Guides (print)

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

EarthSave International

Compassion Over Killing

Mercy For Animals

Farm Sanctuary

FARM (Farm Animal Rights Movement)

FARM (Farm Animal Rights Movement) (en Espanol)

Meatless Mondays Campaigns

Meatout Mondays (US – vegan)

Meatless Mondays (US – includes fish)

Meat Free Monday (UK)

Meatless Monday (Canada)

Recommended Recipes

Meatout Mondays Recipes

Compassion Over Killing Recipes

Veg For Life Recipes

Culinary Resources for Vegetarians

Vegan Mexican Food – English

Vegan Mexican Food – Spanish

Food and Climate Leaders

Rajendra Pachauri – Chair, International Panel on Climate Change

James Hansen – Lead Climatologist, NASA / Columbia University

Lord Nicolas Stern – Chief Climate Change Economist (Stern Report author)

Frances Moore LappeDiet for a Small Planet / Small Planet Institute

Michael PollanIn Defense of Food / Omnivore’s Dilemma

Marion NestleFood Politics

Extended List of Relevant Organizations (alphabetical order)

Academy for Educational Development

Alliance for Better Food and Farming

America’s Second Harvest

Bread for the World

Brighter Green


Center for a New American Dream

Center for Science in the Public Interest

Center of Concern – Agribusiness Accountability

Compassion in World Farming

Compassion Over Killing

Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research

Cornell Food and Nutrition

Ecoagriculture Partners

FARM (Farm Animal Rights Movement)

Food & Society (University of NH)

Food First

Food First Information and Action Network

Food For Life

Food for the Hungry

Food Research and Action Center

Freedom From Hunger

Genetic Resources Action International

Hunger Site

Hunger Web

Inter-American Development Bank

International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements

International Food and Agricultural Trade Policy Council

International Food Congress

International Food Policy Research Institute

International Fund for Agricultural Development

International Institute for Sustainable Development

International Monetary Fund

Lantern Books

National Agricultural Library

Organic Consumers Association


Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Primal Seeds

Seed Savers Exchange

Share Our Strength

Small Planet Institute

Sustainable Farming Connection

The Hunger Project

True Food Now

Union of Concerned Scientists

United Nations

UN Development Programme

UN Food and Agricultural Organization



Vegan’s Directory

Vegan Outreach

World Bank

World Food Programme

World Hunger Year