Ethiopian School Nutrition & Health Program

IFA & AWFW Have Adopted Five Schools

We have partnered with the International Fund for Africa to implement a long-term daily vegan meal plan and basic health services in Ethiopian schools.

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About the Program

Current food availability in many Ethiopian schools is sporadic and inadequate. Many children go without food and teachers even give some of their own limited pay to help.

Our partnership is developing a vegetable garden and building bakeries to increase onsite food availability, and to generate income for long-term supplementation and self-sustainability.

Fortunately, because of Ethiopia’s large Orthodox population (who have long and dispersed periods of ‘vegan’ fasting), schools sometimes default to serving vegan food year-round, so no special permissions or procedures for vegan school lunches are required.

Seble Nebiyeloul, IFA’s Co-Founder and Country Director, is spearheading development of their School Health and Nutrition Program (official webpage).

The program’s successes will be used to model improvements for other schools around the city.

Questions? E-mail Dawn Moncrief, AWFW’s Founding Director.

IFA Updates

From IFA…

“Sustainable School Health and Nutrition Program is working well. The first phase of the program is now complete with both schools providing a daily nutritious meal for a total of 164 students with excellent feedback from students, teachers and parents.

Recently, IFA has in both schools painted the dining rooms, conducted baseline surveys, administered micro-nutrient supplements and employed contract suppliers for procurement of all food items.

Nardos Alemayehu, the Project Coordinator, continues to do an excellent job overseeing the program for both schools. She will shortly be providing on-going training for the cooks as well as starting a health education teaching program for the students; this will include such topics as hygiene, nutrition and prevention of disease.”

Ethiopian School Children

AWFW’s Dawn Moncrief playing with the kids.
Ethiopian School Kids with Lunch

Older children with lunch.
Ethiopian School Lunch Lady

School staff cooking injera.

Ethiopian School Garden - International Fund for Africa

IFA’s Seble Nebiyeloul and Anteneh Roba at school food garden.

Ethiopian School Garden with Dawn

AWFW’s Dawn Moncrief at school food garden.