Ethiopian School Nutrition & Health Program

We have partnered with the International Fund for Africa to implement meal plans and basic health services in Ethiopian schools.


About IFA’s School Health and Nutrition Program

Many primary schools in Ethiopia do not have lunch programs, leaving children with only what can be provided from home. This is almost universally inadequate and often non-existent.

Our partnership with the International Fund for Africa provides meals to the most vulnerable children in five schools in and around Ethiopia’s capital city, Addis Ababa.

Because of Ethiopia’s large Orthodox population (who have long and dispersed periods of ‘animal-free’ fasting), schools and other institutions sometimes default to serving plant-based food year-round. This is beneficial in that no special permissions or procedures for plant-based school lunches are required.

The program’s successes will be used to model improvements for other schools around the city and the beyond.

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Ethiopian School Children

AWFW’s Dawn Moncrief playing with the kids.
Ethiopian School Kids with Lunch

Older children with lunch.
Ethiopian School Lunch Lady

School staff cooking injera.

Ethiopian School Garden - International Fund for Africa

IFA’s Seble Nebiyeloul and Anteneh Roba at school food garden.

Ethiopian School Garden with Dawn

AWFW’s Dawn Moncrief at school food garden.