Apply for a Grant

Apply for a Grant

General Grant Information

  • Applications are accepted year-round for quarterly distribution. See below.

  • Project grants start at $500-$1,000.

  • 501(c)(3) status is NOT required.

  • Projects that receive funding will be listed online.
  • Project wrap-ups with photos should be submitted by e-mail.
  • Priority is given to small vegan groups that assist low-income communities. See more priorities below.
  • Grants are only provided for legal activities that use/promote plant-based foods and/or care for rescued farm animals.
  • Funding is NOT provided for projects that use animals for food (even indirectly). Our mission.
  • Funding is provided only by check or online. Regretfully, we do NOT send wires or Western Union. Be sure to include payment details in the application.

AWFW Grant Priorities

Grants are to support vegan projects…

  • vegan feeding programs: in low-income countries: India, Africa, Mexico, Belize, Haiti…
  • vegan feeding programs: in low-income communities within mid-high income countries…
  • veganic farming: supporting food gardens, educating about farming methods…
  • farm animal sanctuaries: assisting animal medical care, food, water, fencing, outreach…
  • research programs: for hunger, food security, nutrition, environmental, farming methods…
  • empowering youth: with healthy school lunches, youth activism, humane education…
  • social justice outreach: connecting issues with food justice, environment, animal groups…
  • online advocacy: sponsoring research, videos, news, social networking…
  • print advocacy: providing author support, printing materials, ads…
  • event advocacy: sponsoring, attending, and organizing social justice events…

Feed Direct Program – Micro-Funding

  • Feed Direct is our micro-funding program that empowers individual volunteers by providing smaller, event-specific grants to cover food costs. The focus is on outreach or food assistance, with priority given to protein-rich plant-based foods. Submission of receipts required.
  • Feed Direct funding may be available for volunteer-led community projects that provide healthy vegan food to people in need: in general, over the holidays, and/or in times of personal or community emergencies.

Application Details

  • E-mail with the project details below (as applicable, NOT everything).
  • Provide a funding link and/or contact name and mailing details.
  • Include website and Facebook links.
  • Keep proposal clear and well-organized.
  • What is the purpose of the project? Why is it important, unique, etc.?
  • Who is the target audience? Include numbers if available.
  • Specify if you can provide photos with the wrap-up report.
  • If there is not a specific project, provide details about the group’s ongoing activities.
  • Provide budget information, other funding, or references as applicable.


Remember to provide funding details, such as contact name and payable mailing details, as well as links and photos if available. In other words, let us know how to send your funds if approved and provide us with materials to promote your work online.

~thank you & good luck~