Mission / Method

Our Mission

A Well-Fed World is a hunger relief and environmental advocacy organization advancing plant-based solutions to bolster global food security and mitigate climate change.

Our Method

Working through our Global Grants program, we financially strengthen and partner with highly effective, on-the-ground programs providing immediate food and farming assistance for people in their communities. We combine this direct local empowerment with institutional alliances to further our shared mission in ways that address root causes and create structural change.

Our research analysis deepens nuanced understandings of the complex issues at the nexus of meat, climate, and hunger. In particular, we focus on the ways in which the livestock sector is a major driver of climate destruction resulting in increased global food insecurity and disparities.

Our practical, multi-level approach provides tools for meaningful change so that individuals, NGOs, and international institutions embrace the benefits of plant-based foods and farming.

  • We provide funding and material assistance in the U.S. and globally.
  • We analyze and interpret research to make the findings more accessible.
  • We network with global influencers to incorporate the benefits of plant-based solutions.

Our Plant-Based Focus

Disentangling our food system from its dependence on livestock is a critical part of solving the world’s most destructive and persistent problems.

Fortunately, the plant-based foods that promote health and well-being are the same foods that conserve resources to better feed the world, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and protecting the environment.

It’s a win-win opportunity, but the process is hindered by habit, culture, inadequate nutrition education, and vested interests.

We highlight the benefits of reducing (ideally eliminating) the consumption of animal-sourced foods because of its:

  • immense and immediate positive change
  • relative ease in implementing
  • compatibility with other reforms

Our Target Audiences

Many environmental, health, anti-hunger, and food justice organizations acknowledge the benefits of reducing global meat consumption (especially among high consuming populations), but resist advocating meat reduction solutions that may be unpopular.

Increasingly, however, a shift towards more plant-based diets is becoming mainstream (in practice and in advocacy). In addition to more people adopting vegetarian and vegan diets, partial (reducetarian) measures are increasingly popular. Partial steps on a large scale will make meaningful, life-saving improvements with the greatest impact stemming from the greatest reduction.

A Well-Fed World promotes both the ideal of fully plant-based foods and farming, as well as partial and incremental change for immediate impact.

We also focus on making individual and societal change easier by supporting institutions and policies that increase the accessibility of healthy, plant-based food options. For the people with the privilege of food choice, every meal provides an opportunity to improve personal health and the common good.