Video Activism

Video Activism


Our donations of portable DVD players to grassroots groups have increased the reach of World Farm Animals Day (WFAD) and on-going Pay-Per-View campaigns. 

As one recipient of a 2-pack of 9″ Sony portable DVD players with swivel screen writes:

“I just hosted my first event using the DVD players that you sent.  I did an event yesterday at the University of New Mexico in honor of World Farm Animals Day. It was a hit. I could not have pulled it off without your support… I could really use two more. It was so successful that I had a line to watch Farm to Fridge.”

— Tamara of Animal Compassion in Action

Thanks for the follow-up, Tamara… that’s exactly what this program is designed to do.  Two more portable DVD players are on their way for your continued outreach. 

Below are a few photos from Tamara’s WFAD event:

PPV with portable DVD playerPPV people watchingPPV person watching

Download the Mercy For Animals Farm to Fridge 4-minute video.

From DVD donation recipient in Florida

“You poured fuel on our passion to make a big dent on our community and its winter visitors from all around the country. We will expand horizons of people who have no idea or don’t want to. But what they see, will never leave their minds again and will have a positive effect on our campaign.”

–Gundel of the Sarasota Veganizer Group